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Welcome to Lock & Fly near Eindhoven Airport


For 1 day you pay €15, for 2 days €20, for 3 days €30 and from day 4 onwards €5 per day.

If you need parking near Eindhoven Airport, you’ve come to the right place. Our car park features security cameras and is only 100 metres away from the entrance to the Eindhoven Airport terminal.
 Do not leave your valuables inside your car! Use our safety lockers. At Lock and Fly, you can check in online and print your boarding pass for free. We have a number of flexible workspaces that you can use. Free Wi-Fi is also available.
We offer you the option of storing your valuables with us, inside or outside a safety locker. We always have up-to-date flight information available for you through the internet.

If you choose to use our safety locker service, you have the option of parking your car for free during the rental period.

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